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  Super Tooth Praise  

An easy to learn game right out of the box!

Easily identifiable icons allow younger players to understand without having to read.

"I’ll cut to the chase here folks. Super Tooth is an amazing game" - Engaged Family Gaming 

"Super Tooth is quick to setup and easy to teach. It is perfect for families with younger gamers but also a fun light filler for your weekly gaming group." - Everything Board Games

"It didn't take long for Super Tooth to become a favorite in this house." - The Roarbots

"This is a great game that my 5 year old can beat our 7 year old at while keeping the attention of the adults playing. It is a rare game that can do both. Plus it is fantastic for your dinosaur lover." - Amazon Review

"it draws the younger player in like a moth to flame. Colorful, whimsical, creative, and very straight forward, Super Tooth is a game the Child Geeks liked to play with, liked to look at, and were happy to ask for again and again. Well worth the time to play at your family gaming table. This is especially true if you have a young dinosaur lover in your home." - Father Geek

"The game with enough bite for people of all ages to enjoy!" - Mike from Omaha

"Cute gender-neutral board game ideal for playing with young children…It has enough re-playability to keep me interested with my 4 year-old for some time to come." - Jarrod from Omaha 

"My 6 and 9 year olds love this game!...With no reading required at all (kids) can focus on playing and having fun rather than reading and re-reading the cards." - Tim from Omaha

"For the Child Geeks, this game is going to score big points. An easy to play card game with dinosaurs? Might as well be covered in candy This is a family game, through and through." - Father Geek

"Loved, loved, loved this game at PretzCon!  Can't wait to get a copy for myself!" - Mary from Omaha 

"this is just a solid and well done family card game – you can’t go wrong with it at my family gaming table." - uncredited parent via Father Geek

"Fun for and adults as well as experienced and novice gamers." - Travis from Omaha

“It's one of those simple games that builds some emergent qualities. It was a lot of fun” – Dave from Omaha

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